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Hard drinks


Celebrate when you wish!

Trademark “Spelaya” products can be in two categories: fermented fruit beverages  on the basis of natural apple juice (14%) and liquors with adding alcohol 20%.

TM “Spelaya” is associated with celebration and joy of life. The reason for   celebration can be anything you like! Life is full of pleasant moments worth celebrating! True lovers  of fermented fruit beverages Spelaya are mostly women, who appreciate their sweet taste and low alcohol content. However, men also  enjoy  light and pleasant  taste of Spelaya. For 14% Spelaya we use only natural apple juice, sugar and other juices without adding alcohol. For 20% Spelaya grain spirit Lux class is added. Drinks «Spelaya” served cooled or with ice before  meal as aperitif or added to cocktails. Supplement drink with fruit and desserts.



Plum tincture is considered a classic of the alcoholic genre. This drink is equally suitable for a family feast, a romantic dinner or a picnic in nature.

0,5 L 14%



Fermented fruit beverage Spelaya Cranberry is prepared on the basis of cranberry natural juice.Large, juicy cranberries gave the drink its pungent aroma and unique sweet taste. This bright ruby perfection warms your heart as the beautiful hot summer. Served with pastilles, zephyr.

0,5L 14%



Fermented fruit beverage Spelaya Cherry combines natural cherry juice and alcohol rosehip juice. Unique taste of ripe, juicy cherries in the sun drink is well combined with gentle acidity rose hips. Light spicy hints of spices add flavor and sophistication charm

0,5L 14%



Fermented fruit beverage Spelaya Ashberry has a bright exquisite taste - a harmonious blend of ashberry and elderberry enriches gentle sweet taste with a slight tartness. For Spelaya Ashberry production beverage ashberries and elderberries are collected in ecologically clean area of Carpathian mountains.

0,5L 14%



Recipe of sweet Spelaya Wildberry origins from the dense gardens cozy homesteads regional landlords. Its taste is characterized by harmonious elderberry extract and fresh aftertaste.

0,5L 14%



Fermented fruit beverage Spelaya Blackberry is made on the bases of natural juice of blackberries. Ripe aroma of blackberries and attractive ruby-red appearance of the product make its taste desirable and appealing.

0,5L 14%


Cherry with Chocolate

Sweet novelty! Ripe sweet cherry with delicate chocolate and pleasant aftertaste

0,5 l 14%


Honey Plum

A real Ukrainian plum with a delicate honey taste and pleasant aroma

0,5 l 14%





1. Put the glass in the refrigerator beforehand to cool it. 2. In a shaker, mix 40 ml of Status Original vodka, 30 ml of cranberry juice, 15 ml of orange liqueur, juice of one lime and ice 3. Fill a glass with a cocktail and decorate with lime or cherry

  • Vodka Status Original 40 ml

  • Cranberry juice 30 ml

  • Orange liqueur 15 ml

  • Juice of one lime

  • Ice


San Francisco

1. Put a few ice cubes in a glass. Pour vodka, liqueur, and then - orange juice. 2. Using a spoon, add grenadine to the cocktail. It will slowly "pass" through the whole cocktail and remain at the bottom. 3. Add a slice of lime (optional) and garnish the cocktail with an orange slice.

  • Vodka Status 25 ml

  • Banana liqueur 25 ml

  • Orange juice 100 ml

  • Grenadine 15 ml

  • Ice

  • Lime

  • Orange



1. Fill a glass with ice. Pour vodka, syrup and grapefruit juice. 2. Stir the drink with a cocktail spoon and add the orange peel. Decorate to your liking. 3. Enjoy the bitter-sweet taste of the cocktail in the company of close friends

  • Vodka Status 50 ml

  • Honey syrup 20 ml

  • Grapefruit juice 150 ml

  • Orange 10 g


Cape codder

The bartender adds ice to the highball, pours 50 ml of vodka, preferably Status, then adds 150 ml of cranberry juice and mix with a bar spoon. As a decoration - fresh berries.

  • Vodka Status -50 ml

  • Cranberry juice 150 ml


Northern lights

Add 15 ml of honey and 40 ml of Status vodka to a mixing glass, add ice and stir with a spoon. ⠀ Pour through a strainer into a chilled glass, add a layer of prosecco (100ml) and decorate the cocktail with lemon zest and a sprig of rosemary.

  • Vodka Status 40 ml

  • Honey 15 ml

  • Prosecco 100 ml


Spring punch

Cool the glass "highball". Add 25 ml of vodka, 15 ml of currant liqueur, 10 ml of sugar syrup and 25 ml of lemon juice to the shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and shake the future cocktail well. ⠀ The last steps will be to fill the "highball" with ice, pour a cocktail, add sparkling wine and garnish with fresh berries or lemon

  • Vodka 25 ml

  • Currant liqueur 15 ml

  • Sugar syrup 10 ml

  • Lemon juice 25 ml


White cloud

Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Pour the resulting mixture into a glass and add ice.

  • Status Chocolate — 15 ml

  • Cocoa liquor — 20 ml

  • Pineapple juice — 60 ml

  • Cream — 20 ml



Fill a large wine glass with ice; Pour in 50 ml Bolton's Pink; Mix with 150 ml of tonic; Add a few slices of strawberries, raspberries, or cranberries

  • Bolton’s Pink - 50ml

  • Tonic - 150ml



  • Vodka Status 50 ml

  • Brown sugar 2 t.s.

  • Crushed ice 150g

  • Lime 1 piece



Pour Bolton’s Original into a glass filled with ice for a third. Stir the ice lightly to allow Bolton’s to open, and add the tonic. Everyone chooses their ratio, but the most popular is 1: 2. When serving, decorate with a slice of lime!

  • Bolton’s Original - 30 ml

  • Tonic - 60 ml

  • Lime - 5 g



Cut and put in a glass 5 pieces of cucumber, 5 basil leaves, 30 grams of lime juice, add ice and pour 40 ml of Boltons Original.

  • Boltons Original - 40 ml

  • Lime juice - 30 ml

  • Basil - 5 pieces

  • Cucumber - 5g

Cosmopolitan San Francisco IQ Cape codder Northern lights Spring punch White cloud PINK AND TONIC