The good news for the PetRus Group of Companies from October 1, 2020, is that Tsulukidze Vakhtang, an experienced leader from a family of descendants of winemakers in sunny Georgia, has been appointed vice president of the group. Many generations of the Tsulukidze family have been producing or even better creating, masterpieces in winemaking, the Tsulukidze family owns one of the oldest wineries and a number of vineyards on the sunny slopes of Georgia near the Bursa River.

Vakhtang Tsulukidze is an experienced and developed leader in the field of wholesale trade in wine and alcohol products with a wide range of international connections. groups in the international market.
Tsulukidze V .: I believe that the highest priority and task for me is the development of PetRus products in the international arena of manufacturers, our products must be sold on all continents and in every country, I know how to achieve this and plan to implement my ambitious plan over the next three years “